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The Fly

Lone Brethren


I wish I could be a fly upon the wall
To see if your pretty face would light up or fall
Then I'd be there to hear just what you would say
When you get the flowers I sent you today...

     I wish... you could be mine

I wish I was a frog livin' in a pond
Just to see you swimmin' with no clothes on
On my big lily pad I'd pucker up for a kiss
Hopin’ I could be your fairy tale prince...

     I wish... I wish you...
     I wish... you could be mine

I wish I could be a thought that gets inside your mind
Then you could do my thinking cause I'm not the thoughtful kind
If I could be your glasses why then you could see through me
I would bring your full attention to things you cannot see...

        I wish I was a novel,
        the kind you’d read in bed
        Then I'd be there to comfort you
        with words I wish I'd said
        My spine may have been tattered
        and my cover showing through (but at least)
        Every time you'd turn the page
        I'd get another... look at you

     I wish... I wish you...
     I wish... you could be mine

I wish you were a spider in an abandoned garden shed
Then I could be a spider too and get caught up in your web
Then the birds and the bees well they'd have nothin' on me
Cause I'd have eight furry legs and they’d all aim to please...

     I wish... I wish you...
     I wish... you could be mine

Produced by Lone Brethren
Recorded & mastered @ Jonoville Studios
© 2011 Lone Brethren. All Rights Reserved.
Paul Allen – Drums, Percussion
Luc Normand – Vocals, Guitars
Terry SanCartier – Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Dumanski – Lead Guitar
Dylan Heffern – Backing Vocals, Bass


Pic of Luc playing favourite 12-String
by Leon T. Switzer (


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