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Stand Up

Lone Brethren


Stand up, this is no game
You'll lose it all and win it back again
This is your time, there's no right time
To get what's yours or else it's just a crime

If you sit there, they'll just claw back
Don't let them tell you what you can't get back
They'll try to break you, try to hurt you
Your time is way overdue

     Don't try Baby...
     to get me down

Stand up, just keep going
You'll never know if you just stay the same
This is your ground that you stand on
Gotta get to it before it's all gone
This is one race that you can't lose
Just keep goin' you've got no excuse
So just stand up and just let go
Cause no one tells you just how far to go
Produced by Lone Brethren
Recorded & mastered @ Jonoville Studios
© 2011 Lone Brethren. All Rights Reserved.
Paul Allen – Drums, Percussion
Luc Normand – Vocals, Guitars
Terry SanCartier – Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Dumanski – Lead Guitar
Dylan Heffern – Backing Vocals, Bass


Pic of Luc playing favourite 12-String
by Leon T. Switzer (


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