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Lone Brethren


When the band that would eventually become Lone Brethren played their first two gigs, (back-to-back sold out shows complete with professional sound, professional lights, and multiple ovations from appreciative crowds in the hundreds), they were faced with a dilemma: How on earth do you "one-up" that experience?

A name change, a new bassist, and six months later, they did what any self-respecting originals band would do. They entered the studio. The initial thought was to quickly cut a demo to help get the word out, but considering all five band members write and/or compose (collectively in the hundreds of songs), the song list just grew and grew. And so, the demo became an EP, and the EP became a full blown debut CD complete with a zinger of a song to help propel their home team, The Senators, into the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Experience one-upped? Check. Dilemma solved? Uhm... no.

How will they go bigger and better next time? What will they come up with?

This is where they're at today. The balance of this story is, quite literally, up to you.

Listen to the music and become fans/friends with them on Facebook. Spread the word that there's a band that needs reviving and that there's a movement afoot to do just that... ...and that you're at the leading edge of it.

Thanks for being here.


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