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Better Learn to Climb

Lone Brethren


Those who say life’s got its ups and downs
Ain’t ever lived in my home town
You can gauge your day where I come from
By the size of the hill you just tumbled from
And the old folks got their favourite line

"This mountain ain’t gettin’ any smaller...
No stairs, elevators, just this steep incline... you’d better learn to climb..."

So you start to climb on your hands and knees
You look like you’re beggin’ "Help me, please!"
You wear out your pride like an old pair of shoes
Whoever said we had to pay your dues?
And there ain’t much ground I’ve left behind...

Produced by Lone Brethren
Recorded & mastered @ Jonoville Studios
© 2011 Lone Brethren. All Rights Reserved.
Paul Allen – Drums, Percussion
Luc Normand – Vocals, Guitars
Terry SanCartier – Vocals, Keyboards
Ian Dumanski – Lead Guitar
Dylan Heffern – Backing Vocals, Bass


Pic of Luc playing favourite 12-String
by Leon T. Switzer (


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